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Common BingoPort member questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the site. Don’t see your answer here? Try searching for your question using the search bar above!

BingoPort is a review and rewards site that is exclusive to Online Bingo and Slots sites. BingoPort members can earn Port Points by registering, depositing and playing at featured sites on the BingoPort website. Accumulated Port Points can then be exchanged for rewards including Paypal cash, Amazon Vouchers and much more. See the full rewards store for more information.
Please click through to a new bingo or slots site via BingoPort and register in the same session to avoid potential tracking issues. In order to claim Port Points from a new site you must make a deposit of £10+ (or the amount instructed) and then wager/stake/bet a minimum of £10 to qualify. This doesn't mean that you must lose your deposit, we simply ask you to stake your deposit and play as a genuine player.
It can take up to 72 hours from your deposit and wager at a new site for Port Points to show in your BingoPort account. Please wait for 72 hours for your BingoPort account to update before you contact us.
Port Points are the currency of BingoPort. You earn Port Points for depositing at new sites via BingoPort and redepositing at specific sites that you have previously joined via BingoPort.
The simple answer is no. The value of Port Points for joining new sites will change on a regular basis so don't wait around. If you opt into email communications, you will be offered a Super Port Points Boosts which means that we will increase the Port Points offer for a specific site usually for a limited time only.
The answer is no. BingoPort will never ask for any payment from you. We offer a review/rewards service that is complimentary to all members. To earn rewards at BingoPort, you will be required to deposit and play at promoted sites via our links. We advocate a responsible gambling policy so please only deposit funds that you are prepared to lose and never play beyond your means. Please contact us if you would like more information on responsible gambling.
Members will be credited their Paypal Cashback once they have received the Port Points in their BingoPort account for depositing at their first enhanced offer site. Paypal cashback will be sent to the email address that you have used to register at BingoPort so please ensure that they match. Feel free to contact us if you would like the cashback crediting to another email address.
A member can achieve the Gold membership status by depositing at 4 new bingo/slots sites via the BingoPort links within a single calendar month. Once Gold status is achieved, you will be entitled to convert your Port Points for luxury rewards including PayPal Cashback, Amazon Vouchers and other great household items.
Membership levels are updated at the start of each new calendar month. If you have achieved the requirements for Gold status, you are still required to wait until the system updates the membership levels at the start of the new month.
Add BingoPort to your safe sites within your browser and this will allow the links to work as normal. You should then be able to click through as normal.